FAQ - Kitesurfing Cruises

How do I book a trip?

You can sign up for open trips directly on our website. Once we have the minimum amount of people signed up we can confirm a trip.

We can also put up more dates on request, just get in touch with us.

If you are interested in a private trip, please get in touch with us directly.

What is included in the trip price

The price includes:

  • Three meals per day and drinking water
  • Everything boat related: gas, skipper, crew, harbour fees
  • Kite coaching
  • Snorkelling and SUP equipment

Not included:

  • Kite equipment (Rentals available)
  • Lessons
  • Flights
  • Transfer to/from airport

Is the kite equipment included in the price

Kite equipment is not included in the trip price, however you can rent equipment from us for an additional fee. This way we can offer you different sizes of kites to maximise your time on water.

What is the difference between lessons and coaching

Lessons are when a person needs 1 to 1 assistance from an instructor. As soon as a person can practice safely by them self with an instructor then watching the whole group this is coaching. We still give you feedback and get you to improve and can demonstrate what you are trying to learn.

What brand on the rental kites do you use

The equipment we use on our trips are brand new XR kites from CORE kiteboarding.

What does the price include in terms of meals and drinks

The meals will be standard breakfast, lunch and dinner alternatives. Drinking water is included in the price, if you want to drink alcohol, please bring your own.

Do I need my own travel insurance

Every one needs to take out there own personal travel insurance that covers them for the activities we do over the duration of the trip

Can I find out the trip route

There is no set trip route on our trips since we will go to different spots depending on the weather conditions and your requests. Our skipper and crew will do their best to find the spots best suitable for you and your kiting experience.

Are there any specific items you recommend we bring

We will send you a check list prior your trip. Generally you do not need much items since you will be on the boat in your swimwear most of the time. We recommend to bring some sort of rash vest/neoprene to have in the water to protect against the sun, a warmer sweater for the evenings, a set of evening clothes if we stop in the harbour, sunscreen protection, a book or two. We ask for the guests to only bring a rug sack or similar with their personal belongings, i.e. not a hard top suitcase.

Do they take dollars or credit cards on the boat/islands or do we need euros/local currency

We would recommend you to bring cash in local currency. All meals are provided on the boat thus you only need pocket money.

Is scuba diving offered on the boat

Unfortunately we do not have scuba diving equipment on board. However, we do have snorkelling and spearfishing equipment on the boat that you are welcome to use for free.

Is water provided? For drinking and showers?

Yes all water is provided.

Are there towels, soap and sheets included?

Sheets are included. You will need to bring your own towels and soap.

Can the open trip be cancelled for lack of attendees or bad weather? If the trip gets cancelled will we be refunded of airplane costs and boat trip costs?

If we are not able to go out with the boat due to really bad weather (e.g. if there is a storm and risk for our guests safety) we will refund you for the trip but we do not make any flight or other transfer refunds. We will not make any refunds for "bad weather" as in for example lack of wind or rain.